Thursday, May 24, 2007

How much of a feminist am I?

You Are 53% Feminist

You aren't a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you're no feminist either.

You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you're not convinced the world should be gender neutral.

This was somewhat surprising. According to the results of this survey, I’m not as anti-feminist as I thought I was. Actually, as is true of many surveys, some questions were quite difficult to answer in a 100% accurate way, because of how they were worded.

One of the survey questions dealt with women and careers. I think this is where I picked up some feminist points. You see, I do not believe that mothers absolutely must stay at home and raise the children. I think that’s ideal, but economic realities sometimes call for other arrangements. Throughout nearly 17 years of marriage, by God’s plan, I’ve never, ever earned an income sufficient to meet the needs of my family. We’ve always needed two incomes to survive financially. And, to date, my wife has always earned more than me.

Perhaps this economic reality has forced me to be a bit more liberal in my thoughts on women than some of my fellow conservative, Christian brothers. Please understand: I don’t knock stay-at-home motherhood—not at all. I was raised by a stay-at-home “mom” who worked in the home. Grandma, you see, was a “hairdresser” who operated a shop in our basement. She was simultaneously stay-at-home mom and career woman. However, there also happen to be some outstanding mothers (like my wife) who have careers outside the home.

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