Thursday, September 27, 2007

“Emergent” heresy?

Let me confess from the outset that I don’t know a whole lot about “Emergent” or the “Emerging Church” movement. However, what I do know or have heard is not encouraging. This movement’s desire to take a fresh look at what Jesus taught and to present to the world “a new kind of Christian” seems to me to be nothing more than a foolish and misguided quest which will ultimately lead away from the saving message of the gospel and the truth embodied in Jesus Christ. Yet, there are many who seem to be quite taken with what the Emergent movement offers.

Master blogger, Tim Challies, has taken the time to read the latest book by Brian McLaren, an “elder statesman” in the Emergent movement, and write a review. Whether or not McLaren’s views accurately reflect the views of the movement, I do know that his writings are influential. I encourage you to read Challies’ review. If his reading of McLaren is accurate, I think McLaren is a writer Christians would do well to avoid.

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