Monday, November 26, 2007

“Jesus, I’ll never forget…”

Although Thanksgiving Day is past, one can never run out of reasons to thank and praise the Lord Jesus. Of course, Jesus is worthy of praise simply because of who He is: He is the Lord and He is God. However, Jesus is also worthy of thanks because of what He has done for “poor sinners” like you and me.

It’s good to remember what Jesus has done...for you. Think about how far you’ve come. Think about what your life could have been had not Jesus saved you. Whatever you do, don’t ever forget what the Lord has done for you.

Speaking for myself: No one else has done more for me than Jesus. To no one else do I owe more thanks than Jesus.

This song, sung by the late Charles Taylor and the Charles Taylor Singers, expresses just how I feel: “You’ve done more for me when You set me free than anyone else could do.”

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Michael said...

Thank you for posting this example of authentic and meaningful praise to Christ.