Sunday, June 07, 2009

I can depend on God…

…through storm, through rain,
through sickness, through pain;
I can depend on God.

Listen to this clip from back in the day:

Glory to God!

For those who might not be able to understand the rest of the words in the video, the soloist goes on to sing the following:

I remember that day, I remember the hour—
Filled my soul with the holy ghost power.
I was lost, couldn't find my way;
The Man stayed with me each and every day.
I was sick, couldn't get well;
He healed my body—now I can tell.
I can depend on God.

In other words: You know what God has done for you in the past, so don’t doubt Him now. Trust Him! He’s the same now as He was then, and He’ll be the same tomorrow. You can depend on God because He is trust-worthy.

And He is worthy of our worship.

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