Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Danger of Covetousness

Yes! It worked!

With “a little help from my friends,” I was finally able to embed audio on my blog! Below is a recording of a sermon I preached back in August of this year: “The Danger of Covetousness”, based on Luke 12:13-21.

I thank God for Pastor Louis C. Love, Jr., and the very gracious people of New Life Fellowship Church, for giving me the opportunity to preach God’s Word.

May you be blessed as you listen.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bind the “strong man”

“When we use God’s Word in accordance with his will, we have all the consent and power of the Almighty behind us. We therefore take the word of Jesus which commands us to bind the strong man…in order to spoil his goods (the souls of men held in his thrall). We shall find that when we exert ourselves to do this with an energy and devotion at least as keen as we apply to selfish pursuits, lo, people begin to respond to God’s Word, perhaps to our great surprise. It is not to be wondered at. The truth is that men’s hearts and lives are in fact in bondage to Satan (1 John 5:19), and when his power is broken, they are free to hear and heed God’s Word.

“This is a great secret; and yet many of us go on in Christian work year by year, dealing with men as if they were normally free agents willing and able to do what we say, or what they themselves will. They are not (Rom. 7:14-20), until God frees them in answer to prevailing prayer.”

From Towards Spiritual Maturity: Overcoming all evil in the Christian life (revised edition), by William Still (1911-1997), published by Christian Focus Publications, Ltd., pp. 77-78.