Friday, July 05, 2013

It takes a husband and wife…

Pa Bill, 1905-1989
Grandma, 1896-1986
One of the greatest blessings of my childhood was to be raised by a married couple (i.e., husband and wife), who loved each other, were faithful to one another, and were there for each another until death.

My great-grandparents, William (Bill) and Minnie Duncan Gray—“Pa Bill” and “Grandma”—raised me, and their continuing value in my life is priceless.  In their home, there was no abuse of any kind, no infidelity, no alcoholism, no pornography, and no habitual foul language.  As the man of the house, Pa Bill led and protected our family, and he was willingly followed by Grandma, the strong woman who was his wife.  In our home, the Bible was read daily, we attended church services weekly, there was prayer, there was singing, there was laughter, and the things of God were regularly discussed.
For quite some time now, happily married fathers and mothers, and lived-out Christianity have been increasingly removed from the lives of most American children as theological liberalism has spread, church attendance has fallen, and divorce has become more commonplace.
We Americans wonder why our society is falling apart and the institution of marriage is up for grabs.  I don’t wonder at all.

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