Saturday, April 14, 2007

My two cents…

For once, I agree with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton:

Don Imus should have been fired.

But, the job is not done. Now, Jackson, Sharpton and the others should go after the much bigger, more influential, far wealthier villains in this ongoing saga that is race in America: The ignorant, thuggish, sex-driven, women-bashing, drug-promoting, violence-celebrating performers, promoters and producers of “gansta rap” and other, similarly loathsome elements of hip-hop culture.

You know, money is what keeps this filth going. I know if the record companies had to depend on me, they would’ve been out of business a long time ago. Somebody is buying this poison. Parents, is it your children? Is it you? Then, stop buying the stuff! Stop supporting it! Stop letting your children listen to, watch and buy that mess!

And, while I’m on it:
Parents, if the kid still lives under your roof, you’re still supposed to be in charge. Don’t allow filthy “music” (“gansta rap” or any other kind) in your home. If you find it, take it away (don’t ask your child for permission!). Throw it out. Take away the I-Pod, if you have to. Stop watching BET. Turn off MTV. Stop letting your children feed their minds on filth!

I work in a public high school. I see teenagers in the hallways and in the classroom. And, I’m telling you: This stuff that’s going in their ears, from their I-Pods, is poisoning their souls.

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