Monday, April 09, 2007

Some faces to put with some names

Recently, I wrote my testimony and mentioned my family and those whom God used to help bring me into a knowledge of Him. It occurred to me that, perhaps, some of you would be interested in seeing what some of these people looked like. Four of the family members I mentioned in my testimony are present in the photo above (I finally figured out how to attach a photo).
This photo is one of my favorites (I have mentioned it before, and it is located in my profile). It is from the latter half of 1971, as I remember, and it shows 5 generations of the Duncan family. Seated, in the center, is Richmond Duncan or “Grandpa Duncan” (1871-1972), who was my great-great grandfather. He was 100 years old at the time this photo was taken. The two women are his daughters, Minnie (to the left) and Wylodine (to the right). Minnie or “Grandma” (1896-1986), is my great grandmother. Her husband, William or “Pa Bill” (1905-1989), is behind her. Grandma and Pa Bill are the ones who took me in when I was 2 months old, and raised me to adulthood. My great-great aunt, Wylodine or “Aint Willie” (1898-1998), lived next door to us, and probably did more than any other person to introduce me to Jesus. Standing behind Grandpa Duncan is Grandma’s only child, my grandfather, Barney Quentin or “Daddy” (1919-2000). On the far left and far right are Daddy’s two sons, my Uncles, Barney David (on the left) and Charles (on the right). In Daddy’s arms and on Grandpa Duncan’s lap are Charles’ two oldest sons, my cousins, Adam and Gabriel. Finally, standing to the right of Grandpa Duncan, is me (one of the extremely rare photos of me in shorts). I was 8 years old.

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