Thursday, July 26, 2007

“He’s my Rock, my Sword and Shield”

Read and consider these passages of Scripture:

Psalm 3:3; 18:2, 31; 28:7; 31:3; 33:20; 62:2, 6-7; 71:3; 84:11; 94:22; 95:1; 115:9-11; 119:114; 144:2; Song of Solomon 2:1; Ezekiel 1:16 and Revelation 22:16

And think on these words, also:

Job 14:14; Psalm 62:5; 130:5 and Galatians 5:5

Considered in the light of Scripture, the sentiment of this old gospel song should be clear:

He’s my Rock, my Sword and Shield,
He’s my Wheel in the middle of a wheel,
He’s the Lily of the valley,
He’s the bright and morning Star;
I don’t care what people say,
I’m going down on my knees and pray;
I’m gonna wait right here for my Jesus ’til He comes.

Now, listen to and watch the video clip above of the late Charles Taylor and the Charles Taylor singers, recorded in 1962. I think you’ll agree: Jesus is ALL RIGHT!!

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J Train said...

All right!!