Monday, July 02, 2007

Mark your calendar for next year

To whet your appetite for next year’s Bible Conference sponsored by New Life Fellowship Church, I encourage you to read Tony Carter’s brief review at Non Nobis Domine. Also, Lance Lewis, at Blaque Tulip, has ten (eleven, actually) reasons why you should attend next year’s New Life Fellowship Conference. Finally, the conference gets an additional plug from Thabiti Anyabwile at Pure Church.

It was my pleasure, at this year’s conference, to meet face-to-face my brothers Thabiti and Lance. I’d only known them through the blogosphere. Online communication can’t take the place of fellowship that is live and in color. As you know, Tony and Thabiti, along with host pastor, Louis Love, were the conference speakers. I think everyone would agree that we were greatly blessed by the powerful and effective teaching of the word of God through these men.

Our brother, Lance, also presented to the conference a brief overview of the ministry of the Council of Reforming Churches. You know, it is amazing to see how God is causing an awakening to the Doctrines of Grace among small pockets of our Black brothers and sisters in Christ all across this country. It will be interesting to see where God takes this in the years ahead. Will this small stirring become a revival among Black Christian? I dearly hope so.

Be sure to mark your calendars now for the 3rd week of June 2008, and make plans to be in Chicagoland for the New Life Fellowship Bible Conference.

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LouLove said...

Hey Wyeth:
I know you would not mention this because of your humble disposition. However your readers should know of your gift from the Lord in music.

The conference has a unique tradition to it and it comes in the form of our worship music. Every year I hear comments made about the Christ-centered selection and God-honoring quality of the singing at the conference.

My Brother, you add that special touch that every conference needs and the people who attend the conference are blessed by your service to us.

Thank you for leading our worship at the conferences and we are indeed looking forward to you serving us again next year. Maybe in your new position you will recognize some gifted young men and bring a worship team with you.

To your readers:
Yall should hear this brother sing and play and yall should really hear him preach.