Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What about the babies?

Where do the souls of aborted children go after they are killed in the womb? Although the Bible does not address this subject directly, I think most theologians would speculate that the souls of aborted children go to be with the Lord.

If this is so, then what is more important: rescuing the “un-born” who are going to be with the Lord, or rescuing children already born into broken families and crime-infested neighborhoods with failing schools? Think about it: If the child’s family is in a broken condition, most likely that family is also without Christ. If the neighborhood in which the child lives is filled with crime and unrestrained evil, in all likelihood that neighborhood is, to a great degree, also without Christ. And, if a child can’t read because the schools have failed to teach, then that child can’t read the Bible, either.

Why is it that Evangelicals fight so hard to rescue a baby yet to be born, but expend so little energy, in comparison, trying to rescue children already born who, apart from the intervention of Christians, will most likely spend an eternity in hell?

I am against abortion. The procedure is sinful and wrong. But, am I to believe that God is more grieved by the abortion of millions of babies who were never born, who now live with Him in eternity, than He is by the seeming disinterest that conservative Evangelicals have in the millions of children already born who, through no fault of their own, are caught in a vortex of urban poverty and deprivation?

It seems to me that we Evangelicals are more concerned about the price of gas than we are about the souls of millions of children who live in the inner city.


David G. said...

You should be more concerned with the fact that most of these unwanted children are born, never to be adopted, to live their whole childhood in The System and NOT be surprised when they end up behind bars for most of their lives.

I live in a Hate State that prohibits me from being either a foster parent, or an adoptive parent.

Not to mention the fact that I can't get legally married, in 80% of this county.

But who are you to care what hardships I go through?

After all you have been brainwashed to think that my LOVE for a fellow human being is in some TWISTED WAY going to effect you're marriage?!?

I wish I had that power!!

Christ be with you, Brother!!

wwdunc said...

You can get legaly a woman. That's as it should be: men marry women, women marry men. Any other form of partnership is not marriage, by definition.

And, my friend, I'm not "brainwashed". I simply believe what the Bible says. Homosexual unions don't affect my marriage--and that's not the point, after all. The point is, such unions violate God's law. Living contrary to God's law affects your eternal soul. Sin has that power, David.

I sincerely pray you would consider your ways, in light of God's word.