Saturday, May 23, 2009

My “burden”

It is so frustrating when something bad or unpleasant happens to you and you are all but certain your race has played a factor in the negative occurrence, but there is absolutely no way you can prove it.

Sometimes I feel being Black is a burden.

Sometimes it makes me angry.

Most of time, I just feel sad.


Dana McKissick-Bell said...

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. Keep on keeping on. God will always do what he promises. Keep on teaching, keep on preaching. God knows all & sees all. Be encouraged! Mrs. Dana McKissick-Bell

Brown skin said...

I hear you on this my church I'm one of the few minorities there and we've been going for 2 years and are finding it difficult to form friendships there. Yesterday we were at a ministry event and nobody talked to me at all although I'm considered part of the leadership team. I've been trying to talk to folks but it just seems like I'm a leper or something so I know the feeling. Sad but just goes to show that saved does not always equal racial reconciliation or whatever you want to call it.

Anonymous said...

make non-christian friends! In terms of racial harmony issues its more likely, than after you become friends and model christ to them, it becomes easier to bring them to christ.

I felt weireded out when I went to a white reformed church. ( I am black, single, a woman, a dispy, baptist, charismatic) - the only thing they could tell is that I am black and a woman. I have not been back since. Supposedly its an inner-city church that makes community a priority. If I said the name you would all know it.

I had off good friday because my bosses are roman catholic. I went to 4 churches. The first was more towards my background, however they were mostly caribean immigrants. I felt fine. Then I went to a liberal church uptown with mixed race congregants. I felt fine. I went to this "bibilical" mosly white with alot of Asians and felt like I was taking up needed space.

SO from now on I will only go if I am in Manhattan, have not went to church yet, and I can arrive early enough to pick a seat away from everyone else.