Friday, May 08, 2009

Today was the day

Well, I did it. Today I explained to all my students why I chose to resign as their choir teacher.

Back in February, I mentioned that I had entered a period of personal trial. That’s because, in February, I submitted my resignation, effective at the end of this school year, which is now only 2 ½ weeks away. I came to the realization that I couldn’t win when administrators and others insist on giving more credence to those who will only criticize me behind my back than to the vast majority of students and parents who have spoken well of me and given me so much support over the past two years. Some battles just aren’t worth fighting, so I quit. Since February, however, a rumor has circulated that I had been fired. Today, I decided to take time in each class to dispel that rumor and explain the real reason I would not be returning another school year.

Last night, my students presented a wonderful choral concert, the final concert of the school year. The progress that my choirs have made in only two years is truly remarkable. I’ve worked hard, and I’ve done good work. By the grace of God, I have been an effective teacher.

At the end of last night’s concert—and tonight at a choir awards banquet—the students and their parents gave me a warm and touching send-off. I’m thankful that tonight I really, truly felt appreciated. I also believe I have, indeed, made a positive difference in the lives of the vast majority of my students.

Yet, by the end of this month, I’ll be without a job. How ironic.

What gives me comfort is the word of God. Psalm 31 has been on my mind lately. My wife and I are quite aware of the economic situation, but I continue to look to Him who has always provided for my every need. All my help comes from the Lord, and always has.

Continue to pray for us.


Daniel Mayfield said...

Wyeth, since reading earlier on your blog about your concerns I have periodically prayed for you and your family as I thought of you. I know a man with a heart like yours will rebound and continue to serve God faithfully no matter where you land. Continued prayer for you and yours.

dMsmith said...

I wanted to remind you & Cath that we are with you! Spiritually, emotionally, personally. You are not just some statistic on a page, you are our friends! When you hurt, we hurt.
I would ask you to re-read the Rev. Toplady poem again. It spoke to me quite loudly after I finished reading your blog. Let it speak to you afresh.
We love you brother, we love you.