Friday, March 16, 2007

Concerning John Newton, Conferences and Chicago…

At “Between Two Worlds”, Justin Taylor posts “Counsel from John Newton” and Newton’s answer to the question, “Why does God permit sin?”

Dan Edelen (“Cerulean Sanctum”) has a word to say to all of us Christians who attend Christian conferences. Read it well; what he writes is worth thinking about.

Speaking of conferences: For the most part, with the exception of taking off a day or two to attend part of Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week Conference in February (which is free), I rarely attend conferences. Hourly or daily employees, like me, can’t afford to take off time from work to travel to California or Florida or Philadelphia or Minneapolis. What do evangelical groups have against Chicago? People in Chicago need solid Bible teaching, too! Plus, for just the price of gasoline, my 14-year-old car and I can easily get to Chicago (and I can go home every night and sleep in my own bed, saving myself the cost of a hotel). Just a thought.

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