Monday, March 26, 2007

Words to consider

I appreciate Mark Dever’s words on the “Together for the Gospel” blog, in an article entitled, “White Presumptive”. Please read and consider what Dr. Dever has to say regarding racial unity in the Church.
Also, please take the time to read Al Mohler’s article, “Defining Marriage Down”. Dr. Mohler has some very important words to say about an issue I wish more Americans would take seriously, before it’s too late.


pistol pete said...

As an Evangelical Christian, I do think we need to uphold Biblical standards. This does include fighting a battle over marriage.

As a friend of homosexuals, however, we sometimes need to put down our swords and build relationships. We need a sense of perspective & humor. I try to do this in my recent blog, "I'm OK, You're All Gay". Check it out. I'd love to hear your response.

wwdunc said...

"Pistol Pete",

Over the years I’ve known many homosexuals. Some were “out”, others lived somewhat in the “closet” or “on the down low”. As a musician, I’ve had to work with quite a few homosexuals (both inside as well as outside of the church, by the way), and as a teacher, I have taught homosexual students. I think I have had a good relationship with all these people. Granted, I’ve not had what I would call close personal friendships with homosexuals; we’ve just been good “acquaintances”. The lack of close friendships was simply because our lifestyles didn’t connect on a deeper level, probably for obvious reasons. Sadly, I’ve also known homosexuals who are now deceased because of the effects of AIDS.

However, my personal feelings about people cannot change what God has said. What is clear from Scripture is that homosexuality (and surely that includes homosexual thoughts and attractions) in the sight of God is sin. Homosexuality is never mentioned in Scripture except in a negative light. How much someone is or is not homosexual is beside the point. It’s like asking how much of a sinner someone is. Every part of us has, to one degree or another, been tainted by sin. All of us are unclean. That’s why all of us deserve God’s eternal condemnation. That’s why all are in desperate need of God’s grace in Christ Jesus, and the salvation which Christ purchased with His own blood, obtained through faith alone in Him.

You mentioned that “we need a sense of perspective & humor”, when it comes to the issue of homosexuality. Yet, it’s difficult for me to find humor in homosexuality. This sin, like a drug, enslaves those who yield to its temptations. Further, those who “accept” and embrace their homosexuality, in effect, reject God’s rule over their lives. They put their stamp of approval on that which God has condemned. Of course, God is right and they are wrong. And they lose in the end, because homosexuals will not “inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9; Luke 19:14, 27). That’s not humorous to me; it’s tragic and sad. And the fact that so many people today are falling for the evil lie that homosexuality is acceptable—simply a lifestyle choice—is alarming.