Saturday, March 24, 2007

“Help yourself” to these links

Because of a lack of time, lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of linking at this blog. For the next week, I’m officially on Spring Break from the school district, so I hope to catch up on my sleep and do some real writing soon. In the meantime, here are some more links that I hope you will take time to peruse. There is some truly good and edifying material out there on the Web. My hope is that you would be challenged by what you read here to think biblically, and by it to be “built up in [Christ] and established in the faith” (Colossians 2:7). So, please, help yourself.

Thabiti Anyabwile of “Pure Church” continues his series of meditations on “The Pastor’s Heart in Paul’s Letters”, Part 4. This is good stuff.

Desiring God Blog follows up John Piper’s post on hearing the voice of God by answering the question, “Does God Speak Outside the Bible?” I say, “Yes!” But, I want you to make up your own mind. Read the views and Scriptural explanations of John Piper and the folks at Desiring God and see if they make a convincing case for God’s speaking outside Scripture.

Dan Edelen of “Cerulean Sanctum” has posted a series on “Mysticism” (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). To those who are inclined to have a strong bias against the topic, I would say, hear him out. If you’re familiar with the writings of the late A.W. Tozer, you’re familiar with Tozer’s view of “Christian Mysticism”. Edelen is writing along these lines.

Douglas Groothuis gives “Thoughts on Reading” or how to become a better reader. After reading sometime ago that Dr. Al Mohler reads up to 7 books per week, I feel like I need to step up my pace. So many books, but so little time! Anyway, Dr. Groothuis gives us some helpful suggestions.

The “Ephesians 4:14” blog posts an article on how to be a better listener to sermons. We could all benefit by putting these suggestions into practice.

Finally, at “The Shepherd’s Scrapbook”, Tony Reinke recounts an old story by Charles Spurgeon, as an encouragement to preachers: “Tell them that again”.


Dan Edelen said...


Thank you for featuring my series on mysticism in the Christian Church. It's a tough subject and too many people err to one side or the other. I see definite value in what is considered "mysticism," but I also see the traps. As is true of so many things in the Christian faith, the narrow way is narrow for a reason.

wwdunc said...

You're very welcome, Dan! I'm just glad when someone affirms that a solid grounding in the Scriptures, in God's truth, doesn't rule out supernatural experiences of God Himself. Maybe it's because I first read Tozer quite a few years ago, but I'm not afraid of the word "mysticism". Unfortunately, like you said, too many people err to one side or the other. Thank you for helping us separate the wheat from the chaff, and see what is valuable.