Monday, October 30, 2006

One more...

One more post you need to check out:

Over at Adrian Warnock's Blog, there's a link to, "Updated: The problem of Scripture-less worship", which is posted on Expository Thoughts (You could just go straight to Expository Thoughts, but Adrian Warnock has some other interesting posts and links that I think would be worth checking out).

This is the third post I've mentioned which relates to the issue of the place Scripture holds in contemporary evangelical churches. I guess I'm really bothered about this because I grew up in a church and denomination where (truth be told) the gospel wasn't preached. I saw the awful results firsthand. It just breaks my heart to now see evangelicals heading down the same slippery slope the mainline church has already traveled (usually, it seems, in a misguided effort to reach the unchurched). Anyway, you must read this post.

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