Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Welcome to my blog! To know a little bit about who I am, please read "About Me".
As far as the name of this blog, "A Debtor to Mercy" is from a hymn by the 18th century Anglican minister, Augustus Toplady (1740-1778):
A debtor to mercy alone,
Of covenant mercy I sing;
Nor fear, with Thy righteousness on,
My person and offering to bring.
The terrors of law and of God
With me can have nothing to do;
My Savior's obedience and blood
Hide all my transgressions from view.

The work which His goodness began,
The arm of His strength will complete;
His promise is yea and amen,
And never was forfeited yet.
Things future, nor things that are now,
Nor all things below nor above,
Can make Him His purpose forego,
Or sever my soul from His love.

My name, from the palms of His hands,
Eternity will not erase;
Impressed on His heart, it remains
In marks of indelible grace.
Yes, I to the end shall endure,
As sure as the earnest is given;
More happy, but not more secure,
The glorified spirits in heaven.
Amen! That's where my confidence lies: in "my Savior's obedience and blood."
Well, I have to say, this blogging stuff is entirely new to me. However, I also see this as an opportunity filled with great potential for the glory of God. There is so much that I believe God is teaching me right now (and so much that I want to say about so many things, particularly as it concerns the Body of Christ in this world), that I want to share with others. What better way to "put it out there" than to publish it on a blog? At the very least, I can spare my wife having to listen to my ramblings every single day, every morning and evening.
It's taken me quite a while tonight just to get this thing set up, so I'll have to put off writing until later. Hopefully, this weekend there will be something here. Right now, I just need to get some sleep!

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