Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Doctrines of Grace are good news!

Some quotes to encourage the believing soul, from John Benton’s booklet, Evangelistic Calvinism: Why the Doctrines of Grace Are Good News (Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 2006).

“What we need to grasp…is that limited atonement means a definite atonement. It means that through the all-sufficient death of Jesus the sin of every believer is blotted out once and for all. This has taken place not in a notional or potential sense, but really, truly, and historically.” (p. 15)

“How vital it is for us to understand…that saving faith is all about trusting a Person (believe in the Lord Jesus Christ) and not a Proposition (believe that Christ died for you) spoken to men and women.” (p. 20)

“When the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who hear the gospel, they find themselves longing for what they never desired before.” (p. 25).

“In Mark’s Gospel we are given the account of how Jesus healed a man with a withered hand. Christ’s command to him was, ‘Stretch out your hand.’ But this is the very thing a person with a withered hand cannot do: the muscles have atrophied. Yet the man found that the divine command brought with it the power to obey, and his withered hand was restored. Just so, the call of Jesus comes to us to repent and believe the gospel and God’s irresistible grace enables us to obey.” (p. 25)

“When a sinner takes hold of Christ by faith, God takes hold of him and will never let him go.” (p. 27)
I found this booklet a worthwhile little read (only 32 pages, and costing just $2 in the US). Benton will encourage you to not shrink from presenting the "full gospel". You can order it online.

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