Saturday, November 18, 2006

A weekend potpourri

Below are some things I came across that you can read, ponder and pray about this weekend. I hope you have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow, and that the word of God will be faithfully proclaimed where you worship.
Solus Christus has a post called, "Youth is Converting Time", which is a posting of a sermon by that imminent 19th century saint, Robert Murray McCheyne. If you have children (or if you are a young person) you ought to read this.
At Together for the Gospel, Mark Dever asks the question, "Haven't Had a Conversation with a Non-Christian Lately?" Society is changing rapidly, and not in favor of biblical Christianity. Read, and find out what many people think of the Chirstian faith.
In this country, at least, people are engaged in a love affair with the idea of "freedom of choice". This idea is what keeps support for abortion alive and is the driving force behind the push for homosexual rights, including the so-called right for homosexuals to marry. Tragically, many try to force their "freedom of choice" on God. John Piper has a sermon on, "The Pleasure of God in Election". Read and be reminded that we do not (and cannot) choose God; He chooses us.
Here are headlines from two prominent mainline Protestant denominations: "Charges droppead against Pittsburgh minister in same-sex wedding case" and "What are you: a Unitarian?!?". To all those who are truly saved, yet still a part of one of these apostate mainline denominations: What are you waiting for?!? Let me remind you of 2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1. In my opinion, you need to "Come out from among them"!
In light of the preceding paragraph, here's an article by John MacArthur: "When should a person leave a church?"

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