Monday, November 20, 2006

Men and the church

I came across the following posts at Cerulean Sanctum (Dan Edelen). They are old (June 2004, April 2005 and August 2005) but, hey, I've only been blogging since October of this year! So, they're new to me. The first two posts address the shortage of men in the church, and the third post deals with men and humility. I think Edelen makes some interesting and valid points. But, don't take my word for it; read his posts for yourself: "The Church's Missing Men", "Another Look at the Church's Missing Men" and "The Humble Warrior".


Dan Edelen said...


Thanks for the links back to my post at Cerulean Sanctum, and blessings on your blogging!

wwdunc said...

Thank you, Dan, for your encouragement! Blessings to you, also.